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Danville Independent Schools

Danville Diploma

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What Comes with a Diploma from Danville Schools?

1.    Intentional experiences to equip students with skills to do the following:

        Persevere when faced with challenges

        Value and exercise creativity

        Discover how critical thinking skills are used across disciplines

        Become a functioning member of a team

        Exercise effective communication and presentation skills

        Understand the importance of taking initiative

        Learn about various aspects of leadership and develop those skills

        Adapt and problem solve

        Manage time and create a plan for accomplishing a task or goal

        Know how to find reliable and accurate information

        Analyze, synthesize and make inferences from data


2.   The requirement for students to demonstrate readiness to move to the next level at specific transition points (grades 5, 8, and 11) by demonstrating growth and development as a learner and productive, contributing member of the school and larger community;


3.    Meaningful, in-depth experiences for students with service learning and career interests as well as on going opportunities to experience and explore both visual and performing arts;


4.    Opportunities each year for students to plan for successful pathways for both college and career, starting no later than 5th grade, with the purpose of being exposed to as many options as possible; 


5.    The requirement for all students to take either an Advanced Placement or college-level course and the opportunity to earn career certification;


6.    Opportunities for students, beginning in Kindergarten, to become conversant in one language, other than English or their native language, with the chance to explore others;


7.    Learning through meaningful projects and taking part in meaningful processes to develop deeper understandings;


8.    Opportunities to become financially literate, both on a personal level and with the larger economy;


9.    An understanding of using social media responsibly as well as possible consequences when appropriate judgment is not utilized;


10.  The development of what it means to be a responsible citizen, and a deep sense of connection to the Danville community.