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Danville Independent Schools


Teacher:  Mr. Rickmers

The theatre classes focus on different aspects of theatre from the beginnings of ancient Greece to modern theatre. We also discuss the process of theatre from starting a theatre company to, to the technical elements to striking a show. Among these units we also take on the skills actors use to bring characters to life and what it takes to get into a character. Additionally, we look at and implement a variety of acting techniques and methodologies. 


Mama Mia

mama mia 1


mama mia 2
mama mia 3
mama mia 4
mama mia 5






2020 Vision Project (A Season of Change)

The following link is about a special project that Mr. Rickmers is involved in that involves ALL the middle schools across the COUNTRY!!!  Congrats and good luck to Mr. Rickmers!!


2020 Vision Project




The Talent Show





The Jungle Book








Theater Showcase